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The Perfect Storm: Collected Acousmatic Works with Voice 2020​-​2022

by Jeff Gburek

Sky Burial 13:21


The Perfect Storm gathers together various pieces commissioned or requested of me between 2020 and 2021 inasmuch as they called for me to write and voice my writings in the form of an acousmatic composition insofar as I was able to come up with something that got published. And then there are two unsolicited original compositions (Sky Burial and Storm Within Storm). They are all soundscapes with voice-overs or utterances back-dropped by field recordings and incidental musics created from non-musical source materials. I should supply the texts for the eager readers/listeners and I will endeavor to do so before the automated publication date on July 31, 2022. But that may need to wait until September.

About the individual tracks:

Black Holes Have Emotions is based on the suggestion of an AI GTP-3 that black holes indeed have emotions and upon the suggestion of Marjorie VH that I speak to the subject of Gray Angels.

Going is a collages of voice fragments and sounds aired by Joanne Schumann's very thought-fanning Earlids project.

Power Over Energy was commissioned by Rafal Iwanski for a compilation of Polish electronic music which occured at the time when I wrote the texts that I recite in the piece. The title is cribbed from Douglas Kahn's essay on something that connects to everything.

Sky Burial is an homage to fallen paratroopers addicted to thrills and death-rattle feats of risk like jumping out of planes and very much a meditation on the Conference of the Birds, Surrhawardi, the birds within us after and before the Sufi tradtions, before and after paleontology, the flightless birds of the Imagination.

Permanent Arrival. This song speaks for itself, I hope. There's no Walker Conkrite for Gypsies. Case forever undisclosed.

Storm Within Storm is the most recent and still the most innocent. It's karma is evolving. They used to say at a glacial rate when somehting was moving slowly. These days glaciers seem more flighty.

The Way of All Cacti is where it's at. You thrive in the desert mainly because other predators and parasites can't figure out how to manage the same environment. Sounds like being a poet to me.


released July 31, 2022





Guitarist, composer, sound designer, field recordist, shortwave radio poet, blending electro-acoustic, electronica, spectral comp., cracked circuits, sounding organic objects with an ear towards earth voices. Studied Javanese and Balinese gamelan and theories of Partch and Xenakis. Working with dance/theater/butoh co. Djalma Primordial Science. More than 400 concerts throughout Europe since 2005. ... more

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