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Black Floyd (Jeff Gburek & Davu Seru)




Jeff Gburek lives in Poland but we first met in Boulder, CO, back in 2001 or 2. I was touring the bo-ho improvised music territory with some percussion instruments, beer and cigarettes.

I joined FB in 2008 when I was working a desk job in publishing and soon with family to worry about. In Saint Paul, MN. That's about when Jeff and I said hi again.

Despite the impression management scheme that social media infects us all with, I have admired Jeff from afar and am inspired by his integrity--you might even call him an artist. It is an honor to have made my favorite recording to date...with him...and Black Floyd.

You can begin to know me better here:


In place of live performance, I have taken--for the first time--to multi-tracking.

Jeff submitted solo tracks via email, I listened for the lure, then bit. And then walked away to my garden where I would listen for it to dig and settle.

After deciding which instruments that I wanted to prepare (after interpreting the call) I set up the studio and improvised wearing headphones. Despite these being multi-track recordings, I played with the consideration that I might someday be invited to perform the pieces; and, so, I limited my activity to something I might approximate live. The instruments include: drum set, glockenspiel (bowed and struck), 28" bass drum and voice.

All tracks were recorded at home directly to free software using a $40 USB microphone. Along with a little reverb, the silences that interrupt the drum set on "Breathing Gatha" are the only post-production edits.

--Davu Seru, June, 9, 2020

Tracks sent to Davu were recorded at home onto zoom6 direct to SD with one mic dedicated to the guitar and straight stereo input from the synthesizer, all played together, live, improvised, with a moment of forethought about the set up but no extra doctoring or post-production.

the sonological document is here, for you. -- JG


released June 9, 2020





Guitarist, composer, sound designer, field recordist, shortwave radio poet, blending electro-acoustic, electronica, spectral comp., cracked circuits, sounding organic objects with an ear towards earth voices. Studied Javanese and Balinese gamelan and theories of Partch and Xenakis. Working with dance/theater/butoh co. Djalma Primordial Science. More than 400 concerts throughout Europe since 2005. ... more

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