Maidan, 2014

by Jeff Gburek Projects



I will try to fill out the details later. I became interested in working with ths sound-signs I perceived while listening to live-feeds from the Ukraine. They seemed very chaotic and yet calming. I recorded three hours of these sounds and then performed a spectrograph analysis. I was curious about a certain metallic pinging sound. Amid images of apocalypse, sounds actually spoke of a different kind of order of signals. Today, some kind of answer came through the blog of Ilya Varlamov, who went onto the scene:

"59. You’ve probably heard about people banging metal with sticks. Many asked why – this is sort of a signal. When nothing happens, nobody is taping. When casual stone- and grenade-throwing takes place, the knock is monotonous, in order to set rhythm and keep the morale. When Berkut attacks, drumming becomes louder and everyone hears that – for some it is a signal to run away, for some, on the opposite – defend the barricades."

I've taken as my cover image the ice-soaked statue of Lobanovsky from his photos and with great thanks to him for his extensive field-work.

I will update soon. In the meantime, just a feeling of solidarity with neighbors struggling for their justice.

Update, 2.18.14:

Update, 2.21: this might yet be a live feed.

in any case, some of the material in track #3 derives from this live feed.

historical background (although by now, the final paragraphs are out of date):

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for the people of Ukraine,

Jeff Gburek,
December 2103--March 2014,
in Poznań, Polska


released January 26, 2014



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