Magnolia acuminata

by Jeff Gburek Projects



it's you
and nothing like anything in the world

not only sappho
one liner poems

each half letter

linguistic crumbs
archeologic birds eat
from crumbling estruscan hands

your flanks (pyxhera) heaved
your mainly ruddy hair
now in sun-laced blondish autumnal hues
fallen on the peppered shoulder
turned away sipping
the acqua frizzante with lemon

as the true language (of the gods)
forms weather

for the line runs there between your ankles

and the tree here
in this page
of writing no one sees

why is my poetry so obscure?
i'll have to explain everything...

the problem is there is a god who doesn't believe
who being no who speaks with things & immaterial objects
like a galaxy is one god-syntax
& you just interrupted
(the puppetry of any human hypothesis)
and no, god does not have any sense of humor
not even a sense of Homer

you are writing me with your eyes
the imposter of the poem
the perfect one

small things
are big things

there's a many-ness
to you
that is utmost

magnolia leaves, stairs, greens
seeming waxy
when compared to wax comparison
is only as good
as the train it rides on

long before the bee's appearance on the planet
& pollinated by beetles
climbing the rungs

magnolia acuminata
has been "on track"
for 20 million years
95 million
related to the much later lily
and the elder

Jeff Gburek
July 18&19


released July 22, 2013



all rights reserved


Jeff Gburek Projects Poland

guitarist, composer, improvisor, sound artist, prepared guitar, unprepared guitars, stones, found objects, phonography, electronics, digital manipulation.studied Javanese and Balinese gamelan music, developed as a percussionist studied the theories of Partch and Xenakis while working in the dance/theater/butoh project Djalma Primordial Science.STEIM residency and Darmstadt summer. ... more

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