Fulica atra vs. Rana esculenta

by Jeff Gburek Projects



the Rana esculenta (Edible Frog) dominated the recording session but the objective was to get closer to the offspring of the Fulica antra (Common Coot) which you can hear beginning at 3.52... later in the recording at 5.07... you can hear the mother Fulica antra calling the chicks with a spiking high pitch whose fundamental begins in the 3rd octave range... the frogs keep coming back however... the Frogs are breeding, the new Coots have been brewed... recorded 5/31/13 in Poznań, Wilda, Poland

this is connected to the project "Occupy Something Beautiful and Absorb it". visit my blog: transparent-abelard.blogspot.com/2013/05/occupy-something-beautiful-and-absorb.html


released May 31, 2013



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Jeff Gburek Projects Poland

guitarist, composer, improvisor, sound artist, prepared guitar, unprepared guitars, stones, found objects, phonography, electronics, digital manipulation.studied Javanese and Balinese gamelan music, developed as a percussionist studied the theories of Partch and Xenakis while working in the dance/theater/butoh project Djalma Primordial Science.STEIM residency and Darmstadt summer. ... more

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